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July 2019

Protection and functionality with new dry-erase lamination film

A thin layer of this new Ikonos film will take every print to the next level. This easy-erase film is in 100% PVC-free. As a lamination film it shields flat surfaces and additionally it is suitable dor dry-erase markers.

The material is optically clear and only 38 micro meters thick. It is durable and almost invisible when applied.


Summer promotion 2019

It is essential to stay in good health to rest from time to time. However, the world does not stop for us. That's why we prepared our Summer offer on large format print media. Thanks to it you can order materials you need to have your supplies full and with no worries continue relaxing.

How does it work? Very simple. Place the order on films you need - pay and collect when you need them to get to you.

We wish You good Holidays!


All the new large format printing products in one pill – part 3

The printing media market is dynamic, complex and most of all very interesting. It responses to special needs, where materials are treated with different techniques of printing and exposed in different, often hard conditions. To meet the end user’s expectations, the producer of LFP media must have the specialized, wide range offer.


To enhance your printing experience - Poster PRO - the white back paper

Every job can go smoothly when it's well prepared. The part of preparation is the choice of material. We discuss printing in here but there's no doubt that it applies to everything else.

Good media equals good quality of final print. There are many different types of printing films and papers on the market but certainly not all of them can be considered good quality.

Here is why our printing white back paper distinguishes itself from other similar products available.