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June 2019

All of the new products in one pill - part 2

The part one of this article ended with antigraffiti laminating film. In the meantime our Research & Development division finished testing another product.


Maintenance break on July 2019

When Summer-time comes the world slows-down a bit. Every year we use this moment to stop our line in order of maintenance, development and upgrades. This is only two weeks during which we relay on our accumulated supplies. We do not stop working for the duration of repairs!

The maintenance break starts at 8th and will last until 21st of July.


The catalog of Ikonos PVC-free products

Ecological awareness becomes a common thing. People care more than few years ago about what they eat, what products they use, what happens with the waste they produce and so on. In consequence there's growing demand on products that are recyclable, biodegradable and are non-toxic.


All of the new products in one pill - part 1

It is incredible how much have happened during this five months. There is full month until the end of the first half of 2019 and Ikonos Media factory introduced so many new products that they deserve an overview and few words of introduction. A wider description of individual products is planned for coming weeks.

Eco-friendly, non-woven, biodegradable and dimensionally stable printable material for wall decoration