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May 2019

The new PVC-free printing film

One more full month has left until the end of the first half of 2019 and we introduced over 10 totally new printing materials already. This week there are two new products that almost simultaneously passed the physical and chemical tests. In this article I am about to cover just one one, because no doubt they both deserve separate articles. Our point of interest focuses this time on material named MRT PP 140.

PVC-free, biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) printing film for eco-solvent, latex and UV


The freedom from PVC

The polyvinyl chloride is one of the most dangerous, but still widely used material to produce pipes, toys, building materials medical accessories and also printing media. While it is impossible to get rid of the substance overnight Ikonos is consequently walking the path that eventually will free our production and products from presence of PVC.

New media we introduce are PVC-free


Fespa 2019 - day two

There are regularities in the universe - no doubt. The Globe spins, the Sun rises, after Winter comes Spring and the second day of trade fair always gets busier than the first one. Maybe it is so because the phenomenon of inertia applies to wider range of things than physics describe? Whatever the reason - this time the predictions were correct as well.

We offer wide range of PVC-free printing media


It's officially open

It was really busy time these last several weeks. The preparation for Fespa-scale trade-fair is very demanding - so many elements and factors must be put together in purpose to create coherent effect.
However - the effort was rewarded yesterday, when our stand was fully ready and functional.

Polypropylene printing media made in EU


Car wrapping and test of cast foil

The honest way to put something to the test is to give it to somebody who remains in no close relation or dependency from us. Person like this is able to give an objective feed back information about tested product. This is what we do, because an opinion about our media is the most valuable when it comes from someone from the outside, from someone who has experience with similar products.

We tested our car wraps.