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March 2019

Fespa 2019 is coming

Fespa will take place in Munich, Germany this year. This is the largest fair of it's kind, so everything new that have happened in digital printing will be presented over there. One can be sure that there's plenty.

New ideas, new technologies, new solutions and of course new materials! Ikonos Media has a lot to show.

New elegant roll-up film and eco-friendly printable wallpaper


The power of geometry

There is quite many concepts of aesthetics. However most of them seem to notice the power of geometrical form. Of course when we talk about equilateral triangle, square, hexagon, circle, cube or sphere we have in mind some abstract concepts of perfection that exists in some ideal world. Even if these prefect shapes do not occur in their immaculate form in nature, they remain very influential. The concept is existing and is so well understood that it doesn't need material representation.


Spring is in the air

After the winter sleep the Nature is waking up already. The spring starts early this year and slowly paints back the world with colors. First buds appear on the plants and trees. It is always a cheering moment and a pretty picture to see.

Writing about pictures, colours and beauty, brings the large format printing to mind.

Good images demand best materials and media to give an impressive effect. No matter what would be the destination of the print we have a proper material to enable the best solution.


Eco-friendly printable wallpaper available soon

The family of the offered printing media will grow soon by new wallpaper. This 130 gram, non-woven material is water-resistant, highly stable and fast drying. Moreover it's genuinely ecological and clean. Suitable for UV and latex printing, allowing to make environment friendly wall decorations.

Eco-friendly, REACH certified, PVC-free wall decoration.

The material is made with great care to be as clean as it is possible, but at the same time it keeps all the necessary properties to be the valuable material that transfers colours in high fidelity.


Our brand-new material for Roll-ups

An introduction of a new product to the market fills our hearts with joy. The filling always accompanies the sence of closure, when every step of quality control is checked. Honest effort is rewarded today and we want to share the news.

Grey, canvas structure back BLM Lino PP